Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Apple starts repair programs for Iphone 6S – 99mac

Some copies of last year’s Iphone 6S can sometimes turn off suddenly, which is now Apple promises to fix with a repair programs.

Last year’s flaggskeppsmobil from Apple, #Iphone 6S, launched in september 2015 and is still sold as a instegsmodell next year’s Iphone 7. A small number of the earliest specimens, however, can suffer from sudden shut down, and now, Apple has announced a repair programs to fix the error.

the Problem is reported to be limited to copies manufactured in september and October 2015, and it represents no safety risk to the user besides that the phone turns off. Users affected by the problem can submit your phone to Apple or a certified partner.

the Problem is related to the battery on the phone, and be fixed by this changed. If your phone has other damage that affects the battery needs to be remedied before the exchange can be carried out. Users who have previously paid for to get the problem fixed can also contact Apple to get reimbursed.

Reparationsprogrammet is valid for three years after the relevant phone säljdatum.


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