Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Microsoft and Elon Musk in the new partnership for AI research – IDG.see

“today, we are pleased to be able to present our cooperation with the OpenAI with a focus on making significant progress in AI, at the same time as we promote our common goal is to be able to solve the world’s biggest challenges with the help of AI,” writes Microsoft in a blog post.

Together, they shall work with the AI-research and its application, at the same time as the OpenAI in the use of Microsoft’s cloud service Azure for their experiments, it writes Bloomberg.

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“in The coming months we will use one thousand to ten thousand of these machines, and secondly, to increase the number of experiments we run, and secondly, to increase the size of the models we are training”, write OpenAI in a press release

OpenAI is a non-profit organization led by Elon Music, to promote the development of artificial intelligence.

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at the same time that Microsoft announced its new partnership, took the opportunity also to talk about their new cloud service, Azure is the Bot Service, a service that allows companies to create cures in the Azure cloud.


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