Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Report: Apple to lay down the Airport-the family – 99mac

Apple ceases to manufacture wireless base stations according to a new report, which means that products like the Airport Extreme and the Time Capsule goes in the grave.

Apple has closed their department, which develops wireless base stations for wi-fi network, which means that the products #Airport Express, #Airport Extreme #Time Capsule put down. This says Bloomberg in a report, and writes that the measure is a way for Apple to move to a greater focus on other, more lucrative parts of the company’s product range.

Apple has not updated its range of routers since 2013, and even before then it was only sporadic updates that took place. According to the report, Apple has gradually put down the department during the past year, and moved staff to other product categories such as Apple TV.

at the same time several other companies invested in launch easy-to-use and powerful routers intended for home use. 99mac have previously written about both the Netgear Orbi and Google Wifi. At the same time, the Airport only for a fraction of Apple’s revenue, and to further develop the products would probably take the resources that the company would rather lay in other areas. Recently, it was reported also that Apple pulls out of the market for external monitors.

Certain functionality is currently tightly linked to Apple’s Airport products, such as backup using Time Machine and wireless musikströmning via Airplay. The question is whether Apple has other solutions in store that can replace these functions.


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