Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Swedish accounts hacked – Fridolin affected – Göteborgs-Posten

Among those affected are the minister of education Gustav Fridolin (MP). PHOTO: TT

Sweden Up to ten million Swedish accounts with the password is out there on the web. These are reported to be available to download, reports SVT Hidden.

With the help of a former superhackare should you have managed to find the millions of accounts and passwords leaked. Among the affected are the minister of education Gustav Fridolin (MP) and other members of parliament.

– It is very simple and you just have to know about what websites you to look at. Some are very public and some you need to be registered to get access to, but it is absolutely not difficult. Some databases are sold if they are extra sensitive or valuable, but many are only, say, Dan Egerstad, previously called the superhackare today working with IT security, to the SVT to be Hidden.

the Data should be in different forums on the net. It should be about hackers who share what they come across when a website hacked. Information relating to usernames, emails and passwords from major sites, such as LinkedIn, Dropbox, Yahoo and Biljettnu, shall be provided. There should also be information in order to access the small Swedish filmsajter, livsstilssajter, träningssajter and gambling sites.

Journalists from all major media, mps, staff of the court, students, FRAS, police officers and staff at the royal dramatic theatre will be among the names. Hackers reported using these data to try and take on others ‘ accounts.

– It can see all kinds of cool when people try to crack passwords here and there but usually it is not so advanced, but it is downloaded from the network, and assumes that you use the same in several places, ” says Dan Egerstad, to the SVT to be Hidden.

Several mps are among those affected, but also the minister of education Gustav Fridolin (MP). However, he did not wanted to comment Dolds review.

“No, we decline this time,” says Emma Strong, the press secretary of the Gustav Fridolin, SVT is Hidden.

But you may well say to him that he should change his password on the biljettnu.see.
– Okay. It was jättesnällt, it is great to know.

And that he should have a stronger password and do not have the same in several places and so on.

– Yes, it there, you should think of all the time. Very nice, good that you called me about it, ” says pressekreteraren finally, in the conversation with the SVT is Hidden.

If a page has been hacked, leaking not only your e-mail address out, but also even the password. Someone who wants one bad can take it leaked the password, and test it on your facebook page, mejlkonton, twitter, or other accounts. If you have the same password, where will the hacker succeed to get in.


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