Sunday, November 20, 2016

The municipality provides all pupils with computers: ”the Big step” – 24Blekinge.see

There are major differences in the county when it comes to whether a pupil is offered a computer or not. In the Ronneby and Karlskrona has the students received a computer, in the Sölvesborg and Olofström also has secondary school students scored a, reports the SVT News, Blekinge.

But in the Karlshamn municipality has now all the students assigned to a computer.

– It is a big step and a big investment as the Karlshamn municipality has done, with the focus on students from grade 1 to high school, get your own digital device, ” says Ingegerd Åberg, ICT-coordinator at the department of education in Karlshamn municipality, to SVT News Sweden.

Skolverket proposes that all students from grade 1 to secondary education in the Sweden will be offered a personal computer within three years. According to the authority, the new IT strategy to provide a greater equivalence between the pupils, and their results will be better if there is a clear pedagogical idea regarding the use of computers.

– Students ‘ way of learning becomes more tailored to the individual, if you have a digital tool. So this is a point in to meet the student’s needs and adapt the tools after the student’s conditions, ” says Ingegerd Åberg.


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