Friday, November 25, 2016

Password hacked – see if you are affected”

the SVT’s investigative programme “the Hidden," reveals, today, that ten million Swedish accounts and passwords have been hacked – and is at the decepticon disposal.

” You see every day people who have received their e-mails, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account hacked, says security Dan Egerstad to SVT, which had previously been the hackers.

So can you check if you hit and protect yourself

– You should not have a simple password, and certainly not use the same password on other inloggningsställen, ” says Jan Olsson, the investigating authority at the police national bedrägericenter.

Surprised at how easy it was to get over the data

the SVT-reporter Samir Bezzazi says he was surprised at how easy it was to get access to the sensitive data on the network.

” We came in on the boss, who is an inveterate IFK:ers, Linkedin, changed the profile picture for the team. He was very surprised, ” says Samir Bezzazi, who had agreed to make a trial of his boss first.

the SVT’s database is based on data from various hacker attacks against a range of services and social networks.

Commissioner Jan Olsson’s warning

in Order to log in to different networks or sites often require both a password and e-mail address.

on THE second day, the database is the password used for the hacked service.

All too often we use people and the same password for all the services they use, according to commissioner Jan Olsson:

” I would guess that most people have the same password on all the sites.

Millions of Swedish password operation

It means that the millions of Swedish password may be on the loose. Everything from login information to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram data to the e – mail and business accounts.

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Many of the e-mail addresses in the material goes to the organizations that handle sensitive information. Among other things, the FRA, which is the government’s expert authority in the field of technical information security, the police, political parties, listed companies, media companies, and the Swedish parliament.

Among others, the minister of education Gustav Fridolins e-mail address, writes SVT. Aftonbladet writes that sweden’s prime minister Stefan Löfvens old IF Metal e-mail address was also found in the material.

do not Use jobbmejlen as login to other services

Jan Olsson advises against using email to communicate sensitive information.

– most have a smartphone with a hemmamejladress plugged in. Use it to buy food for the goldfish or whatever you do, ” he says.

the Parliamentary IT security director: “Aware of the accounts and services on the internet has been hacked”

Lars Hedensjö, informationssäkerhetsansvarig on contact the riksdag administration, is aware that accounts and services on the internet to be chopped.

“you have to have a well-developed safety that takes into account these elements,” he says to SVT Hidden.


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