Monday, November 28, 2016

The confidence of the internet is in the bottom, according to a new survey – IDG.see

the Report, which revolves around a study, conducted in 54 countries with 24 000 said, paints a clear picture. It writes The Register.

– Everyone knows that data security is a major issue for both consumers and businesses. Anyway so does not make the company everything they could do to prevent the infringement, writes economist and ISOC-member Michael Kende in the report.

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That all need to brush up on their safety is supported by ISOC’s figures showing that in the years, there have been 1 673 hacking, the entire 29 per cent more data breaches than 2013. According to the report, is estimated each incursion cost approximately four million dollars.

– 93% of interventions to prevent, and steps to mitigate the costs of interventions will not be – attackers can’t steal data that is not stored and can not use the data that is encrypted. This status-quo is not good enough anymore, ” says Michael Kende.

In its report, lists the ISOC five points as they believe that every business should have in mind when it comes to security.

  1. Put the user first, which means that the consumer’s costs of data breaches are counted in the total cost.
  2. Increase the transparency. Through the sharing of information after an intrusion, you can help others to fix any security holes.
  3. Prioritise data security.
  4. Increase the responsibility. Companies and organizations should be held responsible for the possible intrusion.
  5. Increase the incentives to invest in security. Companies should be able to share their level of security to signal to the other if they are vulnerable.

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another point is that ISOC, in its report, it is chosen to call "the black security hole IoT", a point in which it directs strong criticism against the increased security concerns with connected machines, and the lack of responsibility from the manufacturer.


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