Friday, November 25, 2016

Toyota observe litiumjoner – 99mac

Researchers at Toyota have managed to note litiumjoner, and can therefore for the first time, to understand what happens in a battery, as they age, and why it gets worse with time.

Researchers at the automaker #Toyota has, with the help of the new methods observed litiumjoner inside the batteries, something that can be used to develop better and more viable batteries in the future. According to Forbes, the researchers have first strålbehandlat batteries, and then photographed them inside a particle accelerator. This enables real-time note how litiumjonerna move between the battery’s two swimming pools.

This has also given insight into why the batteries get lower capacity with time. According to the research is formed after a period of time a stop for the ions, which prevents the to move between the battery plus and negative pole. According to Hisao Yamashige at Toyota, it is this blockage that makes the battery’s performance decreases with time.

With the help of the research now hoping Toyota to produce batteries with between 10 and 15 per cent longer life than today’s variants.


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