Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New virus in Android has cracked over a million Googlekonton – PC for All

Security firm Check Point has revealed the existence of a large intrusion into Google’s services, caused by the malicious software that is derived from the Android. Every day infected more than 13 000 units of the virus evolving, which has come to be named Gooligan.

Gooligan rootar android devices and steals then the e-mail addresses and autentiseringsbevis stored. So far, a million Googlekonton affected, and the attackers can access sensitive data from Gmail, Google Photos, Docs, Play store, Drive, and the G Suite.

Theft of over a million data to Googlekonton is alarming and represents the next step in cyber attacks, says Michael Shaulov, mobilchef at the Check Point, in a statement, and adds:

” We see a strategiskifte of the hackers, who are now targeting mobile devices to steal the sensitive information stored on them.

Check Point has made contact with the Google security team.

” We appreciate the partnership with Check Point and we work together to understand the full extent of the problem and take the necessary measures, replicated Adrian Ludwig, head of security for Android.

Check Points mobilsäkerhetsteam encountered Gooligan-code in a malicious app called SnapPea last year. Late in the summer, it came up again in the new guise, and has since then, taken on 13 000 units daily. Around 40 per cent of the affected units can be found in Asia and about 12 percent in Europe. The malicious software is installed when the user downloads and installs a Gooligan-infected app or pacifiers at some of the phishing e-mail.


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