Tuesday, November 22, 2016

universities join forces for autonomous systems – New Technology

Umeå university to become a leader in the development of future autonomous systems in areas such as human-robot interaction. For achieving this goal will also now adding eight new researchers.

today it is used autonomous systems, including industrial robots and self-driven vehicles, but in short, we are expected to increasingly be able to see similar systems in fields such as intelligent homes and smart cities, for example.

In October 2015, it was clear that Umeå university is one of five Swedish universities are granted money within the ten-year research project, Wallenberg Autonomous Program, Wasp, with the goal to make Sweden a world leader in the development of autonomous systems.

Now, the expanding Umeå university, his wager by adding eight postdoctoral research positions linked to three institutions at the university. The kempe foundations has granted a two-year funding of the services.

“We are facing a dramatic change in industry and society, a change that is expected to be as large as 1900-century industrialization,” says Erik Elmroth, professor in computing science at Umeå university and head of the betting.

The new post-doctoral researchers will, among other things, with the development of autonomous systems for larger hydraulic cranes used on agriculture and forestry, the automatic detection of deviations in the future of cloud computing and making computers better at reading people’s intentions in verbal human-robot interactions.

and with that, the autonomous system can not be developed separately from the areas in which they are to be used so, research must be multidisciplinary in order to be really successful. Therefore it is extra important that this investment extends over several areas and institutions, ” says Erik Elmroth.

the Recruitment of the eight new researchers have already begun, and the goal is that all should be in place before the summer of 2017.


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