Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rolls Royce builds remote controlled vessels – New Technologies

Within ten years the Baltic sea have remote-controlled ship – built in Finland. Engineering group Rolls-Royce has partnered with the Finnish research institute VTT for the development of cargo vessels without crew.

(See the movie with the remote-controlled ship further down in the article)

Neither the captain, engineer, or seaman. The future of freighters can be completely unattended, and either be controlled remotely by a landbesättning or be entirely self-driven.

Rolls Royce has in recent years launched an innovative effort to develop autonomous and remote-controlled freighters. The development work takes place largely in Finland and is supported by Tekes, the Finnish innovation agency. Now introduce the Finnish research institute VTT and Rolls-Royce a strategic partnership to develop and build future ships.

"VTT is a reliable and innovative partner for developing the smart ship concept," says Karno Tenuvo, a director at Rolls Royce, in a press release.

He highlights the VTT’s competence in performing tests and in the field of digital technology, data analysis and visualization, and experience of 5G networks.

Tests of the sensors is already underway, at the shipping company Finferries vägfärja Stella in the Turku archipelago. The first remote-controlled vessels can operate in the Baltic sea within the next decade, according to Rolls Royce. The next step is self-driven ships.

– The most important thing is that you can control multiple ships from a kommunikationscenter, which is located in the country. The extreme version is autonomous ship, which does not need a manning, but they also need someone monitoring them from the country, ” said Sauli Eloranta, senior managing director at Rolls Royce marine part, to the Finnish Yle earlier this year.


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