Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Clear in the day: Netflix introduces offline-services – Expressen

in the Past you have not been able to download movies and series from Netflix, so you can see them when you are disconnected from the internet.

But now changing the world’s most popular streaming service provider.

“a Lot of our users are watching Netflix at home, but we often hear that they also want to be able to continue sträcktitta on ‘Stranger things’ when they are sitting on airplanes and other places where connectivity is limited or expensive,” writes Netflix produktinnovatör Eddy Wu in a blog post.

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Work from and with in the day

From the clock 15 in the day, some tv series and movies to be downloaded and viewed in offline mode. Among other things, the series “The Crown”, “Orange is the New Black”, “Stranger things” and the “Narcos”.

this Feature is available in all subscription and is available in mobile phones and tablets, both Iphone and Android, without extra cost. Just look for a “download”-image in the service.

The only thing that is required is that you have a new IOS or Androidversion and the latest Netflix app. The service does not work on the computer.

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Over a million swedes have Netflix

Netflix has today over a million users in Sweden and reaches a quarter of all Swedish households aged 15 to 74 years, according to an analysis from Mediavision. The american tv service is with the numbers, the single largest supplier of the moving image on the digital pay-tv market.

After today’s announcement went Netflixaktien directly up by one per cent on the Nasdaq exchange in New York.


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