Sunday, November 20, 2016

Suspected to have been driving in person: Was a deer – bbc Radio

Around half past six so alerted a driver that they believed to have been driving on someone or something on the way out from the Squint at Vimmerby.

the Driver of the Kustpilentåget stated to the emergency services that she felt that something ran over the rails, and he perceived a thud in on the left side of the train, the state duty officer at emergency services in Kisa to the P4 Östergötland.

Emergency services have been sought by the track area all the way back to Kisa station and one kilometer to the north of the possible site of the accident.

They could not be found some of the tracks after an accident and handed over the case to the police, who searched the area with hundpatrull.

At eight in the evening stated the oow on the police to P4 Östergötland that the patrol found a dead deer.


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