Sunday, November 13, 2016

Halo is turning 15 years old – are Celebrated with gifts and playlists – Gamereactor Sverige

on The 15th of november 2001 released Halo: Combat Evolved, a actiontitel that not only in many ways revolutionized the FPS genre on console, but also made it possible for Microsoft to continue to develop the Xbox brand to what it is today. To fill the “scooter” is not something that happens every day and, like good parents, Microsoft and 343 Industries are of course planned something special for Tuesday’s birthday party.

Via Twitch shall, inter alia, 343 cave down in the old Halo memories at the same time as discussing the news of the Halo Wars 2 as well as answer questions from the fans. It should also be a nostalgidoftande playlist to Halo 5: Guardians where the classic Halo Combat Evolved maps have been made available through the game’s Forge tool.

Partajet shall then include the “free stuff” even if the developers do not yet seem to want to reveal what you should bid on. So here they say on the official blog:

“What kind of birthday party would it be without goodie bags for the attendee list!? I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I think you’ll dig it”

the same blog also mentions, as a small note, to högtidsenliga updates are on the way to the Halo 5:Guardians, along with additional more free DLC.

finally, If you feel like to celebrate Mästerchefen, Cortana and the rest of the Halo gang with a little långläsning we suggest a söndagstripp to Mathias “not Holmgren” Holmbergs article: the Man behind the visor – the Tale of Master Chief. Very, very worth reading.

Of all the Halo games, which is your favorite?

remember Reach.

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