Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hurts to be utmålad as mean and evil” – Called himself SD to the nazis – News Today

STOCKHOLM, sweden "It hurts to be utmålad as mean and vicious when you try to engage in a democratic conversation," explained Veronica Palm (S) of a feature in the SVT News on Tuesday night by reason of the fact that she herself ends participate on the platform Twitter. But she herself had only eleven days previously painted out the sweden democrats ‘ alternative nobel party as a "European nazistfest" was nothing that either the SVT or the Palm mentioned in the element.

The public debate in Sweden is characterised by personal attacks, of deliberate misrepresentation and lying statements. About so can you summarize the image of the tv viewer got of a feature on the tone of social media, something that later was followed up by a debate between Swedish journalist Anders Lindberg and the bourgeois in nc for our public Rebecca Weidmo Uvell.

Veronica Palm spoke out about näthat – Called self SD for the nazis

as late as the fourth of november, the former social democratic mp Veronica Palm to the attack on the sweden democrats and The politicians, like the british Nigel Farage and the Czech republic’s former president Václav Klaus. They had gathered at the Grand Hotel for the banquet of the "European Freedom Awards" in the media is described as the sweden democrats ‘ alternative nobel party.

the Description has its roots in the to all party leaders in Sweden, in addition to Jimmie Åkesson, is welcome to the official nobel prize banquet.

"this with the European nazistfest at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. How in the hell could it be so here?" asked Palm on Twitter, something that News Today previously noted.

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