Wednesday, November 16, 2016

“To clean up is totally pointless” – Göteborgs-Posten

News To clean up is completely pointless, in order to prevent disease. It says Agnes Wold, who runs a fight against the dirt – and surveillance cameras.

the Dust has since the 1800-century become our great enemy. According to Agnes Wold, all of this is fanciful. According to her, many women who go to her lectures relieved that cleaning is not as important as they thought:

They’ve been indoctrinated in their whole lives how important it is to clean – to remove bacteria. It is not, she tells Ttela at a lecture at Folkuniversitetet Trollhättan.

“as a driving Force to scare the women”

in The last few years, Agnes Wold, professor of clinical bacteriology, Göteborg university, killed myths on the conveyer belt. A primary concern is the perception of breastfeeding. Health care experts advise women to breastfeed if you drank alcohol, despite the fact that research has shown that alcohol does not go out to the breast milk.

– There is obviously a huge driving force to scare women, ” says Agnes Wold.

herself employed in both the health service and the university, but can not recommend her employer’s information.

– They hand out things that are inaccurate. We have a lot of anxiety and is very concerned when one has just had a baby. You must be factual.

Hygienic home became a husmors task

According to the Wold arose the fear for the dust when industrialism came and asked the farming community on the right. Production was moved out and the woman were home. This happened in a time when mortality from infectious diseases was high. When the theory that microbes were the cause of serious infection diseases, one of the invisible creatures living in the dust. To keep the home hygienic and clinically clean was a husmors big task.

– Clean was of course completely pointless, because their mission is to spread between people, ” she says.

Instead was born a new disease, the allergy. But it was found by researchers only with the upper classes, never of the peasants or poor. Agnes Wold tells us that, according to the hygeine hypothesis, which was coined in 1989, is the connection between a low risk of allergy, and poverty, overcrowding and pets.

“It is not wise’

Many parents ask her often if they are to listen to all the advice from the health care system. A woman told me that she had been recommended not to go out and meet people with their infants in the first three to six months, in order that the baby would not be infected by something. It can, says Agnes Wold, on the contrary, make to the child, poorer immune system.

– It increases the risk that the child will get too little stimulation for the immune system, ” she says, and continues:

– It is not wise. It makes me the most upset that my tax money goes to the people who say things that are not true.

Agnes Wold thrives in the role of the executioner. She sees it as an important mission, not least to reassure those who are worried about.

– It is terribly important. All the claims that we have so little time and then it is terribly strange that people have time to devote to this nonsense.


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