Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hackers went empty-handed from the attack on San Francisco – IDG.see

It is the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, SFMTA, who took the blade from her mouth and commented on this weekend’s event in a blog post.

– The malicious code managed to encrypt some systems, most office computers, and even got access to different systems. But the SFMTA network released not, however, in any basis, and the hackers don’t come through our firewall, type Kristen Holland, spokesperson for the SFMTA.

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It was last Friday that someone tried to unlock the SFMTA’s network with the help of a ransomware, and then require 73 000 dollars in exchange for unlocking everything again.

But according to the statement shall no ransom be paid.

– SFMTA thought never to pay lösensumman. We have an it team in place that can restore the system and it is exactly what they do.

According to the statement, passengers ‘ information or security never at risk to leak out.

instead, it was mainly the administrative office computers that got infected in the attack, among other things, the program which manages the employee’s salary locked.

– this will not affect the employees ‘ pay, writes Holland.

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Who is behind the seemingly failed gisslantagningen is still unclear, but the SFMTA has been in contact with the FBI and Homeland Security will now investigate the matter.


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