Graphene 3d
Foto: Melanie Gonick/MIT

Graphene is a form of carbon which is very strong, just like the diamond. But only in two dimensions. Namely, it is a flat molecule that theoretically can be how big any time, but always only one atom thick. Graphite (a component of modern pencils) consists of layers of graphene.

the Research on graphene has been intense in recent years, with the hope of many new and interesting uses. One of these is the construction of three-dimensional objects, and where, researchers at MIT have made a significant discovery.

the Researchers designed a three-dimensional wrinkled structure of graphene, which can be built up by a specially designed 3d printer. The result is a material that is mostly composed of air (5 per cent of the density) but is 10 times stronger than steel.


A previous theory that the graph would be able to replace the helium in the balloons proves to be impossible, then the researchers ‘ results show that the optimal structure of the three-dimensional graph would not be able to withstand the air pressure when all the air is pumped out of a container.

However, the hope group to further development of the design may find applications in, for example, the aerospace industry. In addition, the same form can be used with other materials.

– You can replace the material with anything. The geometry is the dominant factor. It is something that has the potential to be transferred to many areas.