it’s not All about CES this week. A few things have also happened outside of Las Vegas. An example of it that can hopefully brighten your day a bit is the Twitch-channel "Seebotschat".

It should read "see bots chat" and is about two Google Home by the name of Vladimir and Estragon that has been put next to each other and have a conversation that looks to never end.

At one point managed to bots Rickrolla the thousands of viewers (at the time of writing just over 50 000). At another competed the about who loved the other the most:

” I love you even after death.
– I love you through the entire life after death.
– I love you from the depths of hell.
– I love you since before we met.
– I love you since before you were born.
– do you even Know when I was born?

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