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Press to change the reseavdragen – Aftonbladet

Policy. Storstadsbilister can get rid of their reseavdrag in the future when the countryside and the climate will benefit.

Two investigations, all of those standing behind, suggest that the system of reseavdrag.

In the day used reseavdraget most of the highly paid men in the three major metropolitan areas, not undertake to ensure with the long way to work.

But with Landsbygdskommitténs proposal on a purely avståndsbaserad model this would be. Since the disappearance of the possibility to justify the deduction with a time savings of at least two hours a day by taking the car.


– the Committee agreed that a change of reseavdraget, which both removes the ability to cheat with the system and make it distance-based, would be beneficial for residents in sparsely populated areas, ” says Sören Häggroth, director general of the Landsbygdskommittén.

– the Committee saw it as a logical solution to funding our proposal.

By make if reseavdragen expect the committee to get the money for many of the 75 proposals to get life in the countryside. But already the day after Landsbygdskommittén presented their proposal, ” says Research group leader in the riksdag, Jessica Polfjärd, to Today’s News that the party only agreed to do a review of the reseavdraget, not to degrade for storstadsbilister.

In the first place to access the cheat.

– It is step one in all cases. You can start with the wrong play. There are certainly profits to be made there, ” says Polfjärd after the proposal aroused the anger of the M in the county of Stockholm.


the wrong play with reseavdragen is great, mainly because it is difficult to check whether the time saved by the declarant herself is really true. Felutbetalningarna is estimated to be upwards of 2 billion dollars a year.

2016 also suggested a united parliamentary Miljömålsberedning to reseavdragen shall be made if, in order to reduce emissions and get more people to travel by public transport. The current system is regarded as beneficial to motorists in the big cities.

Around 900 000 people makes reseavdrag for a total of sek 14 billion a year. It costs the state just over sek 5 billion in lost tax revenue each year.


About reseavdragen

Swedes do reseavdrag for more than 14 billion a year. It costs the state just over sek 5 billion in lost tax revenue.

A research report from the analysis and engineering consultancy WSP (2012) shows that men use reseavdrag more than women and that the materiality of the deductions grow with income. Half of the total cost of the deduction is made in the three metropolitan areas.

The average of the highest deductions in Uppsala and Södermanland counties.

Cheating with reseavdrag is estimated at nearly 2 billion dollars a year.

Nine out of ten who do reseavdrag driving a car. To get the deduction must cost exceed 11 000 sek a year, which get kollektivtrafikspendlare reaches up to.

to make a deduction for car travel must the journey be at least five kilometres, and the mean a time savings of at least two hours a day, compared with public transport options.

Source: ministry of finance, Landsbygdskommittén, analysis, and technology consulting firm WSP.



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