Thursday, January 5, 2017

Chrysler shows new electric car for young drivers”

A brand new elsatsning now comes from Chrysler – and the focus is generation Y, or “millennials” as they are also called. That is to say, those who are born after 1982 and who have been accused of wanting to have everything served on a silver platter.

How it is with the latter do not take this article up, but of course it is possible to argue that the Chrysler Portal Concept suitable for those who want a convenient, connected billiv.

It starts with the gigantic doors at the familjebilen as easy to slip up. The seats inside the car are easy to fold down or remove.

Connected to all devices

A large LCD screen extends over the greater part of the dashboard and a large touchscreen in the center console.

10 docking stations for all sorts of mobile devices will also appeal to all the modern “millennials”.

self-driven at level 3 means a lot of time for things other than driving and other technical innovations, are expected to be added.

the Engine is electrically powered with a battery at 100 kWh gives a range of over 40 miles. According to Chrysler and a quick charger on a 350 kW only take 20 minutes to get the car to go the entire 24 miles.


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