Friday, January 6, 2017

Google buys startup from Umeå, sweden – Dagens Industri

Google buys Umeåbolaget Limes Audio, according to a post on techjättens blog. The acquisition of the Swedish ljudbolaget to improve Google’s mötestjänster.

Limes Audio (NTL) was founded in 2007 by Fredric Lindstrom and Christian Schüldt. The goal was to improve the sound quality of the conversations regardless of the environment people found themselves in or what the distance between them was. Limes Audio has developed a software which, according to the company is one of the best to remove the echo that is often added in conversation over the phone and online.

In the course of Thursday it became known that Google is buying Limes Audio for a non-published amount. On the Google blog writes techjätten with more and more use of video conferencing, it is of the utmost importance that there are cost-effective solutions for good sound quality.

"One of the biggest challenges for a good video conferencing is the sound quality. Today is the meeting rooms in different shapes and sizes which can be challenging for the acoustics. In addition, a bad internet connection prevent good quality of video conference calls," writes Google’s product manager Serge Lachapelle on the blog.

"the Limes Audio has built solutions that removes the noise, distortion and echoes that can affect the video conferencing and audio conferencing is negative."

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Limes Audio has today offices in Umeå, Stockholm and Palo Alto, and has approximately 20 employees. During 2015, the company had a turnover of 18.8 million and a loss of Sek 2.3 million.

Limes Audio writes on her website that all requests for acquisition shall be answered by Google. The founders, on the other hand, a statement in writing:

"We are very excited to go over to Google, where we will continue to work in line with our passion and continue to work for all voice calls should sound equally loud and clear, regardless of the distance or the environment."

In 2016, did Limes Audio a rights issue of 20 Million where Fort Knox Storage and Partnerinvest Norr and became the owner. It is also unclear how much investors sold their shares.

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