Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lenovo reveals new VR headset for the Microsoft Holographic – FZ

CES beats soon up the gates, but already now have a couple of companies have been able to reveal what they take with them. Lenovo is one of the previously mentioned and showing off a prototype of their new VR headset.

Even if the prototype itself is not working promise Lenevo that it should be cheaper, weigh less (around 350g) and have higher resolution than both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift with two 1440px OLED screens. Whether that means it will actually perform better than as yet unclear since, ptja, does not work.

The still unnamed VR headset will also utilize the Microsoft Holographic platform where you will be able to run Windows apps in a bio-view. The camera on the front opens up the option for mixed-reality, similar to the Microsoft Hololens.

If you will be able to play games on the Lenovo headset is still unclear. The product is scheduled to be released this year already and will come with a price tag of around 3000-4000 sek.

PS: don’t Forget to keep track of the flow of both the FZ and This will be on-site in Las Vegas when the CES kicks off on the 5th of January.


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