Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The european biljättar mobilizing – based charging stations three times … – IDG.see

Europe’s largest automaker to jointly build out an extensive network of super fast charging stations for electric cars on the continent. And they do it by taking advantage of their common industrial history. The aim is to crack Tesla’s dominance in the market and boost the demand of the new electric cars, writes Reuters.

BMW and Volkswagen together with Ford and Daimler to build 400 charging stations around Europe. The electric-powered vehicle fleet to become larger inter alia, that the loading times go down. Which still has the petrol-powered cars a big edge. Loading times of several hours does not work if the electric cars will be everyday. But with the next generation of charging stations, the time can reduce from hours to minutes.

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it is Hoped that the new, faster, more charging stations will give electric car market a kick in the right direction. At the same time, hope of the traditional car manufacturers to construction to help them catch up with the market right now, the brightest star, Tesla. The american upstart has today the fastest chargers in the industry, but closes on the other side out of the competition.

With in cooperation are not only the four manufacturers. In order to make a reality of their plans thinking they take the help of experts from several large companies such as the German Eon and Siemens, and the Portuguese Efacec. The new loading stations shall, according to the news agency to be three times more powerful than the Tesla and lie on the 350 kilowatts.

If this may, Tesla ceo Elon Musk to look over your shoulder is a question without answer. But probably he is not sleepless. On christmas eve tweeted super-entrepreneur on the right superladdare and the company’s own plans for the future. And 350 kW seems to be more laughable than anything else and clean barnleksaken if you believe mr Musk.

Tesla has been the big name on the elbilsmarkanden the last time. But as interest increases, the traditional car manufacturers get increasingly easier to catch up, ” says an analyst that Reuters has been in contact with.

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To build out a network of charging stations that are as comprehensive as today’s gas stations is an expensive business. It requires investment in miljardklass. So far, the companies that build the stations most worked to create awareness and gain market share. But it is not enough in the long run, investors want to in the vast majority of cases sooner or later see a profit. And when will the cost of the consumer into the picture.

the Electricity in Tesla’s charging stations have until now been free. But from 15 January ends on the benefit, and the customers have to pay when they reached a certain limit.


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