Saturday, January 28, 2017

Skodas suv Kodiaq have its premiere in Sweden – Expressen

Mercedes had brought in its new stylish E-class Coupe directly from the motor show in Detroit to Stockholm Lifestyle Motorshow.

Next to the E-class Coupé was sweden current E-class All-Terrain, a direct competitor to the new Volvo V90 CrossCountry, even the course in a booth at the fair.

Mercedes also revealed that they are in our face a begagnatgaranti on their cars, a warranty which is valid for two years and up to 20 000 km.

– second-Hand becomes all the more important for us and this we believe is something completely new in the market and something that will truly help our customers, ” says Mercedes ceo in Sweden and Denmark, Bear Outside.

Tough battle between the E-class and V90

Mercedes has increased its sales significantly in Sweden and hope in 2017 in a continuation of the success of the E-class as well as on the 50-årsjubilerande the AMG cars.

After this week’s test drive of the Volvo V90 (CC), which you can read about here, so there are many who have directly compared the V90 CC, Mercedes E-class All-Terrain. Mercedes product manager Bengt Larsson took the opportunity, of course, to point out that the air suspension on both axles is standard on the All-Terrain, unlike the Volvo, provides V90 CC with air-suspension only on rear axle as an option.

the Fight between Mercedes and Volvo on the kombikunderna will last all year.

Skoda Kodiaq already looks like a winner

But should we draw any conclusion of interest at the fair so it is a completely different car that is a winner in 2017.

the Skoda will begin selling its sjusitstiga suv Kodiaq week 12 in the Swedish showrooms and unveiled the car at the fair.

the Visitors flocked around the car and it was almost the same interest for Kodiaq that when the Tesla Model S and the Model X and the BMW i8 was shown in Sweden for the first time.

” We have noticed the great interest we also, of course, and we have already sold over 400 cars to Swedish customers. This is clearly above our expectations and we really hope that we are going to avoid any delivery times. But of course, it is fun, very fun, ” says Skodas pr manager Erik Gustafsson.

the Fair runs all weekend

We have already testkört the car and you can read the full test of the Skodas popular Kodiaq here.

the Stockholm Lifestyle motor show is going on during the weekend at the stockholm international fairs and in addition to Mercedes-, Volvo and Skoda cars so you can look stylish and körglada Alfa Romeo Giulia, sensible and affordable Seat Ateca and, of course, a range of sassy and stylish rebuilt cars. Most car makes in the Swedish market are represented at the fair.


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