Thursday, January 12, 2017

Military drönarsvärmen take their own decisions – New Technology

A swarm of over 100 drones might be used in future wars.

Over an american försvarsbas in the Mojave desert on October 16 last year, flew three fighters of the F/A-18F Super Hornet. On command, they loose a total of 103 mikrodrönare.

the Swarm demonstrated soon flockbeteenden by taking collective decisions, fly in formation and ability to repair itself without human intervention.

According to the Pentagon – which is behind the development of mikrodrönarna – the test was so successful that the us department of defense is now calling it "The great swarm".

– Military conflict is by its nature complex. Therefore, the mikrodrönarna not pre-programmed and synchronized individuals, but a collective organism that shares a distributed brain. They adapt like flockbeteenden you see in nature, ” says William Roper of the u.s. department of defense.

– All the drones communicate and collaborate with each other without leaders and therefore can cope with situations where the new drones, connect, or where other drones differ.

the Project is called Perdix after a figure in Greek mythology who quickly had to learn how to fly. It was originally developed by MIT. Long as the project was surrounded by heavy secrecy, but then in the last year, the Pentagon has wanted to tell you about its progress. Drönarnas hardware and software is continuously updated and is now built with cheap components yet to cope with the difficult conditions that can prevail during warfare.


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