Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Donya Labs: Great to have Microsoft as a buyer – New Technology

Swedish Donya Labs bought up by Microsoft. Their new mission: To realize the jättebolagets vision of the future to make 3d technology available to all.

On Tuesday night came the news that the Swedish 3d-teknikbolaget Donya Labs should be bought up by Microsoft.

the Company, which was founded in 2006 and has its base in Linköping, sweden, has developed the software Simplygon, which can be used to compress the advanced 3d graphics. Among the Donya Labs clients are major gaming companies like Activision Blizzard and Square Enix, and the company’s technology has been used to the well-known game titles like Grand Theft Auto 5, Forza Motorsport.

” this feels amazing, and we are very excited. Microsoft is the buyer that we wanted to have. A significant reason why we started the company ten years ago was that we believed in interactive 3d graphics as a technology of the future. We have built software Simplygon can be used to optimize the 3d data, and the optimization will be the key to making 3d technology accessible for all, ” said a slightly dazed, Koshi Hamedi, co-founder of Donya Labs, to the New Technology.

For the time then took Donya Labs step over to begin to develop versions of their tools that are adapted for virtual reality and augmentet reality, often abbreviated to ar, which are two strong trends in the world’s right now.

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In October last year, Microsoft went out with a new strategy – "3d for everyone", which among other things means a big investment in 3d technology in their software products, among other things, in the classic MS Paint, and to the ar platform Hololens.

and with it we realized that one of the giants had finally made it here with the 3d technology. It raised our interest for Microsoft – and it turned out that they were also interested in us. Six months ago, the deal is a fact, ” says Koshi Hamedi.

After the acquisition is completed, the Donya Labs become a part of the prestigious chamber Windows, and devicies of Microsoft. Their mission will be to be with and realize teknikjättens vision of the future to make 3d technology more accessible.

– Because our own objectives have been very similar to Microsoft we really look forward to make a reality of their vision. Anyone who has seen Star Wars has been well ever dreamed of being able to create your own holograms, or how?

Koshi Hamedi and the co-founder Ulrik Lindahl included with the Microsoft. The same also applies to "most" of the company’s 33 employees, according to Hamedi.

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” Our team has a unique expertise in 3d, and they will work from Linköping to continue.

you Will be able to continue to work with the partners and customers that you have today?

– how Exactly it will be is too early to comment on at the moment. But we will of course continue to support our existing customers.

the Question on everyone’s lips: How much to pay Microsoft for Donya Labs?

– It can we do not express an opinion on. But I can say this much: We are very happy, ” says Koshi Hamedi.


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