Thursday, January 5, 2017

AlphaGo is back – beat the human champions in the secret – IDG.see

One of the world’s most advanced consoles is back. A new version has AlphaGo played the pants of the master in the Korean board game and everything has been done in secret. Of the 51 rounds the computer has won 50, including a victory against the Ke Jie is the current world number one – in all cases, the human one. The matches were played online, but no loss, it has not really been the talk of the. The last match ended in draw after the internet connection disappeared, writes Ars Technica.

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AlphaGo made a name for himself when, in march of last year, went to an acclaimed match against one of the best Go players in the world: Lee Sedol. When the match was irl, or irl, as it can be when one of the players is an artificial intelligence. There is, in any case, a physical spelbräde and real plays. Lee Sedol was before the match convinced that he would take home the victory. But the story became a different and afterwards he said that he had never received so many congratulations for winning a single round. He won one of five rounds.

But the creators of Deepmind, since 2014 owned by Google, is looking for perfection. To only win four of five matches was not good enough. So it was straight back to the office to start working on a better version. And now they’re back with an ai which will be bigger and better and are undefeated. The founder of the company, demi’s Hassabis, released the news on Twitter the other day: a new version of the AlphaGo have played a number of unofficial matches online. Under the names of Magister (P) Master (P) played the computer against a number of masters such as Ke Jie, Gu Li and Lee Sedol, without losing a single match.

Completely under the radar, they have not managed to keep. Curious Go-fans have this week been discussing who this mysterious debutant could be. Pretty quickly it became clear that the opponent was not a human being. Features were for the "inhumane" and the absence of the loss was följarna to ana who, or what, was behind the pseudonym. They were just not completely sure what kind of ai it could be.

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The professional players have reacted a little differently to the loss against the anonymous opponent. Ke Jie should have been shocked and just repeated: it is too strong. Gu Li will have said to people and computers together can solve the riddle that is the game of Go. He does not believe there is a chance that a human will ever beat AlphaGo again, however, people can learn of the computer’s divine traits.

Go is a strategic board game for two people. The players put alternately out of the black and white stones on a grid. The goal is to control a larger portion of the board than the opponent. Because of the large number of possible moves seen for a long time there as too advanced for a computer to cope with. But today, we know that this was not the case, the computer came up with.


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