Thursday, January 19, 2017

Karolinska research without permission.


Karolinska institutet and Karolinska university hospital have conducted advanced research on humans without prior animal studies, or valid state.

A new forskningsskandal could be in the offing at the Karolinska institute in Solna. Arkivbild.Image: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

From 2011 to the autumn of 2016 has at least 68 people, many of them children, have been treated in this infringing way, reports Svenska Dagbladet.

It was about seriously ill people who have undergone bone marrow transplantation but who later suffered serious complications. The researchers have set up an experimental treatment, with cells from placentas.

According to Katarina Le Blanc professor in clinical stem cell research at karolinska institutet, is the deal worse than the one with Paolo Macchiarini, the surgeon who operated in artificial trachea without the necessary permits.

– It is the same thinking error, but here it is about a lot more patients and it has been going on systematically for many years. It has submitted misleading information and it is to be feared that some have died prematurely because of the experimental treatment, ” she says to the newspaper.

the Karolinska university hospital’s management acknowledges that a large number of patients have been treated without the competent authorization.

– the Operation has been stopped and we have implemented a control to ensure that everyone follows the laws, regulations and rules, ” says Harald Blegen, head of the division for cancersjukvården.


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