Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Unsuccessful Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had felkonstruerat battery – the NATION

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The new flaggskeppsmodellen was a flop for Samsung. A client is testing a Note 7-telephone in Seoul in south Korea. Picture: EPA/YONHAP Samsung,Samsung Galaxy,The Samsung Galaxy Note series

There was nothing wrong with the phone itself, the head of the south Korean electronics giant Samsung. The recessed model is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had a felkonstruerat battery.

Samsung ended production of the Galaxy Note 7-mobile phones in October of last year, after several reports that the cell phone overheated and started to burn. The phone was launched in August.

the Reason the mobiles overheated low in the batteries, which proved to be feldesignade and -designed. Samsung tested two different batterimodeller both of which turned out to be defective.

With the phone itself there was no error.

Samsung have examined their failed model of your phone, with both internal and external experts.

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