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The president is prosecuted after a student broke the leg – Göteborgs-Posten

During a unattended moment, the moment went a lågstadieelev straight through a hole in a fence and fell over 2.5 metres. Now prosecuted the principal of the school. ARKIVBILD: Roger Larsson

Gothenburg A principal at a primary school in Gothenburg is being prosecuted for causing bodily harm. It was, according to the prosecutor, her fault that a six year-old girl went straight through a fence and broke a leg.

The event now ends in court took place in February of 2015.

the Pupils in a preschool class was out playing in the snow.

One of them sat, in an unguarded moment, on a so-called stjärtlapp (a small saucer in plastic) and took off down a small hill.

High speed through the hole in the fence

Because there was a hole in the fence – that of the skolanställda was previously known – she went over an edge and down a paved farm at a neighbouring property. The drop height was 2,67 metres.

The little girl went, therefore, in the high-speed straight through the broken fence and suffered broken bones and a concussion. She was taken in an ambulance to the hospital.

– At first, she had to sit a month in a wheelchair. Then she went on crutches in three to four weeks. Today she is fully restored, but have nightmares at night and is afraid of high heights, ” explains the girl’s mother in the police investigation.

overall responsibility for protection

Skolledaren faced now with the right, because she was in her professional role has the overall responsibility for protection of children’s safety.

This applies irrespective of whether rastvakter, teachers or fritidspersonal doing the job or not. "Through negligence, the headmaster has caused sexåringens damage, which cannot be considered as small," writes prosecutor Kristina Persson in his statement of claim.


• No action – such as coverage, guard or roadblock – were taken in the expectation that the fence would be repaired.

• There were no procedures for other staff at the school over who had the duty to urgently solve the problem.

“It doesn’t feel easy”

the Rector admits in interviews that she did not have full-blown knowledge if it is responsible, which is sammanknippat with her services.

” It is very regrettable, what happened. It doesn’t feel easy. I am saddened. In general, I refer to stadsdelsförvaltningens sektorschef, the woman said to the GP in connection with the investigation against her was launched.

Denies breach

Sektorschefen in the district says a teacher during the current day observed loop-hole in the nätstängslet and to skolledaren then given to the staff in the mission to contact the local government.

However, where the accident arrived before the repairmen got there.

What is your attitude to the suspicion that is directed toward you? ask the police interrogator.

” I deny crimes, I believe that I have done what I could based on what I received, knowing, answers the principal.


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