Thursday, January 5, 2017

See the new Tesla-dödaren – becomes fastest electric car – the Express newspaper

The big teknikmässan CES in Las Vegas is in full swing and several of the large established car manufacturers are in place. Renault/Nissan boss Carlo Ghosn is holding a great speech, and among the artifacts are, inter alia, BMW and Mercedes.

But perhaps it is outside the very biggest like the best news there is. For what is said about the produktionsklara model Faraday Future FF 91? The car is described as a spacious crossover with the technology to be self-driven, an acceleration 0-100 km/empty in about 2.4 seconds, a large and substantial rear seats, plenty of space for all inside the car and, above all, a range of over 70 miles on pure electricity.

Drive and park by itself

According to the Faraday of the Future is the lithium ion batteries of 130 kWh, manufactured by LG Chem, and of the shape of cylindrical cells. The data in the Technology says that the car should be able to be loaded with all of today’s standards and the fastest to fill the batteries with energy of 4.5 hours.

FF 91 has an suv-like appearance, although the ground clearance isn’t particularly high. The technology for self-driven is advanced when the FF 91 on their own – without drivers – can look up a parking lot and set themselves happy there.

Faraday has adopted Tesla’s idea with the doors without handles. When you approach the car feel the car with the help of the cameras recognize your face, and the doors opened. No key is not needed. But it is unclear how the technology works a dark Swedish winter night when the driver comes with both the scarf and hat.

Costs as much as the Mercedes S-Class

FF 91 is left for production and will be delivered in 2018. Today you can towards a down payment on a modest 45 000 sek to buy a car. The final price is not clear but expect something in the neighborhood of a Mercedes S-class. The very first series FF 91 shall include a total of 300 cars.

Behind the Faraday of the Future – which debuted on the big teknikmässan CES last year – is the chinese billionaire Jia Yueting. Yueting is also behind another great Tesla-challenger, the California-based Lucis Motors, which says its luxurious and fast electric car will be completed in 2019.


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