Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Now forced Zuckerberg to testify in court – New Technology

today the bitter vr-the battle between Zenimax and Facebook are entering a new phase, when founder Mark Zuckerberg is forced to fly to Dallas to testify in court. Zenimax believes that Facebook had stolen trade secrets in connection with the acquisition of vr company, Oculus, and requires 19 billion in damages.

the Vr-helmet Oculus Rift is considered to be the gadget that made the virtual reality is hot again. The inventor Palmer Luckey made a big sensation with a Kickstarter campaign in late summer 2012. Luckey was aided by the famous game developer John Carmack, who on the game fair E3 in the same year showed off an early prototype of the Oculus Rift, it was held together by duct tape.

John Carmack is behind games like Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake. Carmack is regarded as one of gaming’s great pioneers and worked with the 2012 on Id Software, a studio he co-founded. Id Software is owned by the publisher Zenimax.

A year later, in 2013, left John Carmack, Id Software, and took the role of cto at Oculus. At the time, Facebook has not yet purchased the company. Now claims Zenimax that Carmack violated his employment contract and a shared trade secrets with the Oculus. The amount is sek 19 billion is not taken out of the air: it was the same amount that Facebook bought Oculus for many years after that John Carmack joined in.

the Trial going on in Dallas right now, and John Carmack has already testified, but the reports of what he said is scanty. He should have been interrogated about the secret meetings with the Oculus execs and Mac computers that do not formatterats, according to the site, Upload VR. Zenimax has in the past claimed to have the evidence of the alleged fraud. Oculus inventor Palmer Luckey and Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has also been called to the witness stand. The site Business Insider writes that Facebook tried to argue that Zuckerberg should not have to answer questions about the acquisition in a courtroom, but the judge in the case disagreed on the point.

Tony Sammi, one of the attorneys representing Zenimax, has said that Facebook’s acquisition should be seen as "one of the largest teknikrånen ever". It writes Business Insider.

Facebook and the Oculus on its side, claims that Zenimax-the mood is all about envy.

– the Oculus and its founder have invested lots of time and money in the virtual reality because we believe that vr in a fundamental way can change the way people interact and communicate. We are disappointed that other companies are wasting their resources to sue us. Just as a way of trying to take credit for a technology that they lacked both the vision, the expertise and the patience to realize on their own, ” said an Oculus representative to Business Insider.


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