Monday, January 16, 2017

Airbus ceo believes in the “flying cars” already in 2017 – IDG.see

Flying cars have long been a sir in the science fiction context, but in reality, the car received remain on the ground for the benefit of the drones, but maybe it will be soon to change.

It is the aircraft and the igor Airbus, which according to Reuters is now hoping to get up a car-like vehicle in the air before year-end.

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last year, started the Airbus up a working group with the objective to explore the different concepts of urban transport vehicles in the air, and the idea is to mix a car with a helicopter to create the future of public transport. Like a bus in the air as the company name suggests.

"a hundred years ago, the urban transport under the earth, now we have the resources to go above ground," said Tom Enders, ceo of Airbus, during a conference in Munich, according to Reuters.

the Technology is still in its infancy, but Tom Enders insured all in the audience that Airbus is taking the development very seriously, and that there is much to gain on the flying city traffic.

"By air, you need not spend billions on concrete bridges or roads," said Tom Enders.

Exactly how much the company invested in the technology has not yet been published, but according to Tom Enders is open to incorporate both AI and driverless technology in the project.

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"If we ignore the developments, we will be pushed out from the key segments of the business," said Tom Enders.


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