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Netflix and chill” a danger to the environment? Greenpeace hangs out streamingjätten – Computer Sweden

the Internet is probably not the first thing that pops up in mind if anyone hears the word environmental villain. But the fact is that it requires huge amounts of energy to keep running the network with all its services, forums and platforms. Data centers worldwide consume power and some of the companies have proven to be better at to make sure that they are made with the environment in mind. Others worse, much worse.

Since 2010, the organization Greenpeace evaluated the internetföretagens imprint on the planet. In the report Clean click they go through the energy consumption of data centers belonging to large internet companies and apptillverkare the world over. For Apple and Google, it is rather fun reading. Worse it is for Netflix and Amazon lagging behind. And just streamed movie and tv stand out in this year’s report and has, according to the organisation greater environmental impact than many other common services.

– Streaming video on the internet is a growing climate problems. Netflix accounts for a very large part of the traffic on the internet, and they have a large influence over the types of energy that operates online. Netflix must take responsibility and ensure that they grow with the help of renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, ” says Rolf Lindahl, head of climate and energy issues at Greenpeace in Sweden.

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63 percent of global internet traffic was estimated 2015 be in the form of streamed video, according to figures from Cisco. Where included ranging from Netflix, to Youtube and Amazon Prime. But also other less well known services. 2020 is expected to streaming movies and tv to occupy the whole 80 percent of all data traffic. And one of the big players is the just Netflix, with a third of the shares on the North american market. They are far from the worst, but due to his dominance like Greenpeace that the company must take greater responsibility.

the Organization has looked at range of factors when they made their assessment and after it sat for a final grade. It has been about the companies ‘ commitments, how their data centers run in the day and if they are open with which energy is used and how much energy they are consuming. Netflix receives a rating of D, where A is best and F is worst.

In the report it says that Netflix, unlike the other major platforms, such as Apple and Facebook, not on a regular basis telling us how their energy consumption looks like, or how much greenhouse gases they emit. It has led to the assessment that the company’s own claims can be justified. The assessment is also to the company’s rapid growth, rather has increased the demand on coal and other fossil fuels, which pose a threat to our climate, writes Greenpeace.

nor does Amazon get some top rankings. And continues according to the report, belong to one of the least transparent internet service providers in the industry. Although the company has taken some measures that look promising, which is to be included in a number of new projects to work more with förnybarenergi. But the overall assessment is still a lower score than in the past. Mainly because they built the new data center where the energy source is coal rather than wind or hydro.

However, it is not just gloomy news. Netflix has in the past year said that they are working towards to fully cope without fossil fuels. They rely largely on Amazon web services but that it is primarily, and to a greater extent, should be done in the so-called kolfria regions. They themselves have mentioned wind power and hydropower, but should not have gone in on a few details.

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The better it looks for Apple retaining the top position for the third year in a row among plattformsoperatörerna, as they are called in the report. Together with Google continues to be the leading players, and meet up with their growth with equal parts förnybarenergi. And they should also use their market positions to influence the authorities and other companies to operate more environmentally conscious. Large companies seen as a catalyst of environmental activities and driving the development towards more green energy. Efforts shall be made to the proportion of förnybaranergikällor increased dramatically in the united states.

Computer Sweden has applied for Netflix, but the company currently has no comment. It is possible to take part of the report in its entirety, as well as older reports via the Greenpeace website.


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