Friday, January 6, 2017

Two jätteolyckor on the E4 – buss full to hospital – financial times

At the exit of the Vattholma, north of Uppsala, sweden, on E4, it is a lookout.

30 cars have seriekrockat in the northbound direction.

just Over an hour later had ten cars and a timber truck just 2.5 miles north on the same stretch of road.

– the Road is like an ice skating rink, ” says an eyewitness.

– It is very bad road conditions. We urge everyone to drive carefully, saying the civil protection ledningsbefäl Johan Winsnes.

There is at least one truck involved in the accident at the height of the Vattholma. Emergency ledningsoperatör Emil Skoglund estimates the number of vehicles to approximately 30 in total.

– of Which 15 have been substantial. We are holding on to inventory. So far we have found five injured people in this chaos, ” says Emil Skoglund.

Eight fire engines are on the way to the site. The accident is in the northbound field, but for the moment leads you, even if the traffic in the southbound in order to pave the way for ambulances and polispatruller.


Several accidents in the halkans track

"Very slippery, very bad run"

It started as a one – a car that is driven off the road at the Big oak tree on the E4 north of Uppsala. Emergency services received the alarm at 10.11 on Thursday.

– At the arrival, it was quiet. It was two people who got out of the car, ” says the civil protection ledningsoperatör Emil Skoglund.

When started crashes stacked on each other at the site. An hour later, it had more than 30 vehicles collided.

– It is very slippery and very poor visibility, ” says Emil Skoglund.

In the emergency room at the Academic hospital in Uppsala has gone up in stabsläge to be able to take care of the injured.

Four people have been brought in the ambulance to the hospital.

They are slightly injured and the condition of them is stable.

– Some have been brought here in an ambulance, but the vast majority will be in the bus for an assessment here, but it is about even minor damage in this case, ” says Göran Günther, chief medical officer at the university hospital.

Another accident – ten cars involved

While blåljuspatrullerna worked with the first accident occurred the next seriekrock, just 2.5 miles north of the first accident.

at the height Of the Månkarbo collided ten cars and a timber lorry in the E4:as southbound direction.

– It is unclear skadeutfall, ” says the civil protection ledningsbefäl Johan Winsnes.

Right now, the road is cordoned in the southbound direction at the Månkarbo.

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