Friday, January 13, 2017

Megatabbe of Elgiganten – customer files ended up on other people’s computers – IDG.see

When a customer buys a new computer, Elgiganten an offer then help with moving the content from an old computer to the newly purchased – but now it has come up to the electronics store accidentally put the content from two customer’s computer at a third person’s computer.

Among the files that ended up with the wrong customer is photos, invoices, business documents and private documents.

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According to the notification to the data Inspection board, one of the affected customers have connected a lawyer in the matter, and another will have felt very violated by the incident. A victim is self-employed and the other a journalist.

According to the Elgiganten, it is a mistake that is behind the event.

– Common for customers is that they bought a computer in one of our department stores and then also decided to buy a premium service which among other things means that we can move information from the old computer to the new one. We have very clear procedures for how this work should be done, but in these cases they have made mistakes due to human error, ” says Jessica Wallin, corporate communications officer at Elgiganten, to the News agency Sirén.

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the Swedish data Inspection board, which is investigating the matter, is very critical to what happened and is now demanding answers from the company about what measures you will take to protect customers ‘ personal data in the future.

– This is an event we take very seriously. We have an internal investigation started since a few weeks back, ” says Jessica Wallin.


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