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Designrouter” to protect your connected gadgets – New Technology

CES 2017. With its hårdvarudebut bet Symantec on security for the internet of things.

What do you think of when you think of a router? A difficult box to hide away in the storeroom? It does not Symantec. When the it-security company now in the hårdvaruvärlden it is with a router that looks like a geodesic dome, colored in champagne or granitgrå.

– this do you want to be ahead of the game, says Gareth Lockwood, senior director at Symantec, about the eye-catching Norton Core which will be unveiled on elektronikmässan CES in Las Vegas.

Lockwood thinks that the Core should be seen as “a work of art”. But Symantec has not developed the for to win design awards, but to protect the home network in the nascent internet of things era. Lockwood recalls several high profile hacker attacks over the past year, not least those that occurred with the help of the malicious software Mirai. When big sites like Twitter, Reddit, Airbnb, and Netflix temporarily, was out in October last year was Mirai in a denial of service. The weapons consisted of poorly protected internet of things-gadgets that were in the possession of the hackers.

Norton Core is Symantec’s solution to the problem: a router that monitors all the connected devices in the home network.

” considering how many devices that are used in the home today, it can be difficult to protect. Many of them have their own technical platforms and are impossible to install security software on. It is enough that one of them happens to be an intrusion for a hacker to be able to access the entire home network, ” says Gareth Lockwood.

Core to be installed from an app on your phone or tablet. The first thing it does is to automatically identify the home all connected devices. Next, the user can control, monitor and fine-tune the network via the same app. Symantec claims that their router is an extraordinary string of border control with thorough inspections of all data packets sent in and out of your home network.

–Traditionally, perhaps a review of the status of the package header. But we go in depth and look at both the header and the content. In addition, we study how the data is "acting". The other routers is to receive data traffic to pass, but we can also lead the traffic away from the network and, for example, putting it in quarantine.

In the mobile app – which, of course, you can use wherever you are – the user gets a single "score" of how safe the home is. It can also set limits for data traffic for individual devices or strangle it altogether. Another possibility is to optimize the bandwidth, for example, performance-intensive tasks such as online gaming.

Gareth Lockwood admits that this is standard even for other routers, but insists that the Core should be as simple as possible to use. He also wants to assure us that Core-router – their special security features, in spite of the allow fast traffic and high range.

– We have developed the Norton the Gore from the ground up and have taken note of what features are crucial when people are buying a router. It is mainly three things. High performance no matter how many devices your home has. It is the scope, you want to be able to access their network anywhere in your home. And last but not least is people get tired of managing their routers. So therefore, we saw that one can manage their network from your cell phone.

that leaves only the question if one can abandon its security software to your computer at home? You may assume that it would be misconduct on the part of Lockwood to answer yes to that question.

– the Router and the client complement each other. It is still the case that you need to have a security software to their computer to protect against threats such as phishing. But with Core, it has above all a protection for all other connected things at home.

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