Sunday, January 22, 2017

General meeting of the Apple Unicode can get the red-haired emoji – MacWorld

Rödhåriga emoji

the Unicode Consortium, the group that controls the development of unicodestandarden, has announced that it will hold a special meeting at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino next week.

At the meeting, an issue that has become very hot among consumers in recent months are discussed. The fact is that it is so hot that it glows red.

It is, of course, if the red-haired emoji, something that is missing in the standard, and thus in both IOS and Android. Despite the fact that in recent years, we have been more diversity among the characters and, for example, can choose the skin color, redheads has not felt represented.

the Subcommittee for emoji has taken forward a series of proposals on how red hair can be implemented: As a brand-new emoji, as an extension of the hudfärgsalternativen, as a kind of tags that change the hair color, or as a type of combined characters (e.g. "woman" + "red hair").

the Meeting next week to decide if it is fair to go ahead and do it.


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