Sunday, January 15, 2017

See all the ways Mario can jump on the next Switch-game – FZ

Just held an event in Japan, where the hardcore players got a chance to try out the new Switch-the machine and the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey-the game. The event livestreamades and that part of it was shown a short demonstration of the many jumps and moves that Mario can perform in the game. Among other things, a new hope that can be performed together with a classic backflip.

the Environment we recognise from the first trailer that came out in conjunction with the proper unveiling of the Nintendo Switch console yesterday morning, but here we see more of the city and how Mario can interact with it. In the clip, the climb he, for example, on the lyckstolpar in the same way as he climbed in the tree in previous games.

We also know that Mario’s hat plays a bigger role in the game and that he can use to attack enemies and create a helpful platform to stand on. This and a portion to demonstrated in the clip below. the Super Mario Odyssey is scheduled to be released for the Nintendo Switch in the fall.


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