Sunday, January 22, 2017

Samsung: Therefore, the batteries burn – Aftonbladet

In the fall, stopped Samsung both the sales and production of flaggskeppsmobilen Galaxy Note 7.

the Reason: Several phones had made the fire.

Now, the Russian company to design and manufacture of the battery is located behind the fires.

a Total of 2.5 million mobile phones has been withdrawn and the south Korean elektronikjättens launch of the Galaxy Note 7 was a fiasco.

Now has the investigation on why the batteries in the phones began to burn been published and it shows that the error in both the design of the lithiumbatterierna as well as the manufacture of them is behind that several phones made the fire, reports the AP. At the same time, the company debt of two different suppliers of batteries.

Samsung’s mobilchef in Korea, to the USA Today.

According to the company, you should have lost around 47 billion because of the problems from last fall up until the beginning of 2017.


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