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New data on the katastrofbranden on the Scandinavian Star – Göteborgs-Posten

Sweden 159 people died in the fire on the Scandinavian star. 27 years later, is brandorsaken not yet fully understood. But now a new investigation to the entire seven fires ravaged the ship – which the investigators see as a proof of sabotage.

Scandinavian star caught fire outside Lysekil during the journey between Oslo and Frederikshavn in denmark and in the death of 159 people, including many children. Relatives, police officers, a former investigator and skippers from both Norway and Denmark have struggled to get clarity of what really happened that night.

Now a new investigation come to the conclusion that it must be sabotage. It is the experts Haakon Winterseth and the Stale W Eilertsen on the Norwegian foundation Firesafe as, on behalf of the Norwegian parliament granskningskommission, once again looked at the case. They have spoken to the Norwegian newspaper Bergensavisen, something that TT was the first to report.

They have come to the conclusion that there were seven fire, instead of the previously known four, and to the theories of the följebränder because of the heat dispersion can not sue.

– That the fire must have been waiting for over 20 hours, and then end up being 26 metres further up into the ship, with undamaged areas in between, under and over the deck, it is simply against the laws of nature, ” says Winterseth to Bergensavisen.

Håkon Winterseth judge out the theory that the fire would not be a sabotage:

” It reminds the most about Ali Baba and the 40 robbers. It is a proper rövarhistoria and it is amazing that it has been so, ” says Håkon Winterseth to Bergensavisen.

There have been allegations that the fire would have also been built as part of an insurance fraud, but this has never been shown. Three men at the managerial level, was sentenced in Denmark to six years in prison each, but only for having violated the safety of the aircraft.

the Theory that the fire would have been laid out is not something that the police contradict. A Danish truck driver was in an early stage out as a potential offender, despite the fact that he had died in the fire, and the many factors pointed to the fact that it would be unlikely that he was the offender.

The new report has not yet been published but will be submitted to Parliament by June later this year.

Last year, the Oslo police down the reopening of the police investigation because it did not mean that there was no evidence to support sabotage. They have to the Norwegian media has not wanted to pronounce itself on the new data as the foundation Firesafe now told you about.

Facts: the Scandinavian Star disaster, source: TT

The passenger ferry Scandinavian Star caught fire in the Skagerrak sea outside Lysekil, on the road between Norway and Denmark, on the night of 7 april 1990.

the Ferry had 383 passengers and a crew of 99 people. A few hours after the fire outbreak left the captain, Hugo Larsen, the ship, and said, in connection with the fact that there were no remaining people on board to save.

But when the ferry brought in to Lysekil and appeared to the full extent. First, after 38 hours was all fires are completely extinguished. To the end of the counted 159 dead. Most were norwegians, three swedes.

in 1993, convicted former ceo of the shipping company, Ole B Hansen, captain Hugo Larsen and the ship-owner Henrik Johansen of the Danish Supreme court to six years in prison each for the breach of security. Hansen escaped his punishment because he went to Spain and didn’t have time to be grasped in time.

In retrospect, relatives and other stakeholders have made 20 attempts to start new legal proceedings against the ferry’s owners and insurers.


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