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How to run Windows 7 in the best way IDG.see

If you think that Windows 7 represents the height of development for Windows so you are not alone, writes the IDG News and tips on how to run the old version of windows in the best way.

You may have different reasons to bite you firmly in the seventh grade, perhaps convenience, or aversion to Microsoft’s data collection in the later versions. But there are some things you should do to have a comfortable journey up to the definitive end January 14, 2020, for a Tuesday. When will säkerhetspatcharna to cease.

currently, you are not alone, 18 months after Windows 10 is released so it is still twice as many as use Windows 7 than the latest version.

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Start with a full backup of your installation, after you have updated it with the latest patches. Follow these steps before you back up:

Step 1. Select patchmetod

What is the patchmetod you choose depends on how much information you want to share with Microsoft. There are three main options:

  • You agree that Microsoft gets as much information from you as possible and can use Windows Update automatically.
  • You want to minimize Microsoft’s transparency, which means that you miss out on some news and get to download and install the patches you want manually.
  • You ignore patches, including those for security holes. This is the easiest way, but it is not recommended.

Step 2. to Install any of Windows 7 from the beginning of the year

If not, Windows 7 works fine on your computer it is time to reinstall it from the beginning. If you do not have any problems to talk about, you can skip to step 3.

It can be problematic to get hold of the right installation files for Windows 7 SP1. If you have a problem despite the fact that you own a proper license, you can try to contact to Microsoft support to get help. When you managed to secure a copy of Windows 7 SP1.

Remember to save the password and all your important data before you put in the time.

Step 3. Windows

If you did not install a fresh copy of Windows 7 in the last step, there is a risk that Windows Update is slow. Here are tips on how to fix it.

If you selected to run the automatic update or install the security patches by yourself, see step 1, so it is just to put in the time to update. Run Windows Update one more time when everything seems to be OK, to be sure that you have all the updates for Office, Dotnet, etc.


Step 4. Take control

There are plenty of settings you can do in this situation. Here are some suggestions, choose for themselves what is appropriate.

  • Turn off automatic updates.
  • Turn off the program for kundförbättringar.
  • Disable all programs that you do not want to run
  • Refresh the browser.
  • Uninstall the programs that you do not want to use.

Step 5. Clean hard disk

There are plenty of third-party tools to clear the hard drive, but you will a bit on the way with the built-in tool in Windows. Right-click on an icon of huvudhårddisken and select Properties, you will see an option to clear the hard drive.

In this mode, you can also defragment the disk, if you have a traditional mechanical hard drive.

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Step 6. Back up!

Now, it is finally time to make the backup copy. A full copy of everything (Windows, applications, and data) is recommended. Be sure to have the username, password, activation id, and the like written down in a safe place.

You can use the built-in functions in Windows for backup, or get a separate program. Remember to make a copy (image) of your system. In addition to a regular copy, it is a good idea to also make a restore disk (system repair disk).

If you are really serious about backup, you can make a second copy and then do incremental copies at regular intervals.

Step 7. Round off the maintenance

Now you are surely getting tired of instructions. But it may be worth keeping an eye on the antivirus program you selected is updated. Also, remember to check the hard drive periodically, maybe once a month, as well as to defragment it. Ensure that Windowsuppdateringar installed, if you have chosen to do such.

And check that your backups are correct. There should be functions for that in the program you are using for backup.


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